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Owners, Dave and Debi Odle have worked in restaurants since their teenage years. They have started three restaurants from the ground up, but this is the one they are most excited about. At this point in their careers, being fans of food, eating out and the industry in general, this restaurant is their dream and are excited to share it with you.

Almost 100% of the food at Toast and Jam is made from scratch. Dave makes the jam himself! Dave and Debi are both hands on in the daily operations and service of the restaurant. When you stop in you will see one of them, or one of the many loyal employees who they were able to bring with them from Chalet Restaurant, which closed due to Covid 19.

Dave and Debi pride themselves on serving high quality comfort foods, homemade soups, fun cocktails, great wine, bakery items galore and more yummy comfort food dishes that will leave you full on your next visit. Debi is quoted saying,"We miss our regulars dearly. Those of you who supported us and came to dine daily or weekly at Chalet. We hope you come to see us in this new venture and we hopefully will make some new friends as well!" Come dine with us!

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